Hello and Welcome

Dear 1101 Students—

Welcome to your class blog. The purpose of this site is to give you an opportunity to practice writing as a craft and writing as public discourse.

At least once a week I will pose questions or comments for you, which I will derive from our readings, our class discussions, or other relevant sources (such as current events). During our in-class writing time, you will comment on the post (which should be between 200 and 400 words).

I suggest that you first write your comment in Microsoft Word, thereby giving you the chance to make editing changes, and also the opportunity to save your comment for the inevitable event of a computer lab crash.

At the end of your comment, you should write your first and last name, and the course number for your specific 1101 class.

Though you have more freedom in this setting than, say, an essay for an academic audience, I strongly urge you to remember that this is a public forum. Nearly 90 students will be participating in this blog, therefore, pay close attention to making your language accurate and eloquent, and above all, write with conviction and care.

Finally, the rules covered in the course syllabus regarding collegiality and respectfulness for your peers also apply to this forum. If you are concerned that your comment may blur an acceptable boundary, please see me before posting your comment to the site.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Happy blogging!


Jessica Jewell


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