First Post

While most of my postings will be far shorter than this first one, I wanted to give you several options for your initial commenting, as some of the questions are more sensitive than others. Begin your comment by introducing yourself and telling the other students a few things about you. Then, respond to one of the following questions:

1. The buzzword in every political campaign this year seems to be CHANGE. Some of you may be voting for the first time. As was witnessed by the Barak Obama campaign in Iowa, the power of young voters will undoubtedly affect the outcome of the presidential elections. What are the most important issues to you, in casting support for one candidate or another? As almost no one in the country would like things to stay the way that they are (regardless of your political party allegiances), what things would you like to see changed?

2. NOTE: If you have ear phones, you may watch the video I have linked to this question, otherwise please do not click on the hyperlink. On Sunday night, Mike Wallace of 60 minutes interviewed Roger Clemens regarding his being named in the Mitchell Report as a steroid user (specifically due to accusations that his trainer injected him with steroids over a period of years). Has the recent fallout of players being accused or admitting to steroid use tarnished major league baseball? Why or why not? If you are a fan of baseball or of sports in general, how do these accusations change the way you think about major league sports? Who, if anyone, is to blame?

3. While hiking in 1977 in Oregon, Terry Jentz and a friend were attacked by an ax-wielding madman. In her book, Strange Piece of Paradise, Jentz writes: Women especially felt greater confinement at odds with Americans’ innate sense of personal freedom. A feeling of persistent danger remained in the collective psyche from coast to coast, as though a Phantom Axeman stalked all of America’s beautiful outdoor places.

On Monday night, Meredith Emerson’s body was found 60 miles north of Atlanta. How have you reacted to the news of Meredith Emerson’s disappearance and murder? If you are an outdoor person, do you worry when you go for a hike or bike ride, camping or fishing? What do you worry about? Are their other instances/stories/even myths from our culture that have caused this fear?